In order to meet the considerable demand in a large number of countries, ECohlCité forges and structures genuine skills in urban decoration. This school trains higher management and professionals in this new competence of embellishing cities.

The development of cities and new urban problems are leading to the considerable expansion of the world market for monumental mural decoration. For example, the municipality of Shanghai has called on the Lyon enterprise CitéCréation to train 3,000 mural painters in three years. In line with municipalities, major companies are also seeking professionals to integrate, emphasise and give character to their buildings and industrial installations. ECohlCité provides a solution that allows its graduates to enter this international market fully armed for success, endowed with expert knowhow and the knowledge of how to conduct their careers.

New trades to beautify the city: urban design

ÉCohlCité first global initiative for higher education in wall art, monumental fresco, trompe l’oeil architectural, urban design and decoration

Le Mur des Canuts - Lyon

The Canuts Wall – Lyon / France

Indeed, today it doesn’t exist any high school or university in any country whatsoever, dedicated to both foreign and monumental mural to beautify neighborhoods and cities.

The request to open an international school was expressed insistently by many mayors of cities of France, but also mayors of Shanghai (3000 to form mural painters immediately!), Quebec City, Berlin, Jerusalem Moscow, Sao Paulo, many cities in which CitéCréation is present.

This desire was also expressed by large groups of public works who wish to accosiate specialists in design and urban design to their team of engineers. The workplace including building firms indoor and outdoor paints, also insist on needs to employ these specialists.

Training wall art, basics… to innovation

ÉCohlCité project is to train and graduate in a high curriculum of three year course for A-level and High School Diploma graduates, 35 students the first year. A total of about 100 students in training in the school.

The basic courses are taught by stakeholders, working professionals of the School Emile Cohl and the enterprise CitéCréation.

These courses cover the subjects of drawing, life models, artistic anatomy, painting, sculpture, documentary studying objects, perspective, trompe-l’oeil, computer, computer graphics, wall painting, design, design, technical, site logistics, communication , management, accounting, history of mural art…

Specific training involve other professionals in architecture, urban planning, social housing, landscaping, light, water, facades vocabulary, building technology, security, insurance, innovation… as the legal aspects of entrepreneurship, English, export…

Exchanges and conferences are also planned with other colleges, universities or engineering schools, of the Grand Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble, Valence … and other structures, networks around social landlords, image, design, and cultural development in Rhone-Alpes region and the world…