ECohlCité provides a three year course for A-level and High School Diploma graduates, allowing them to become specialists in monumental urban mural art. They can become mural and fresco painters, urban designers, and so forth, skilled in creative fields where the management of projects and techniques is as important as artistic excellence.

ÉcohlCité is a higher private education establishment. The curriculum demands full-time attendance, that is to say 40 hours a week.

The courses focus on the basics of drawing :

  • studying objects, characters, urban landscapes, etc.
  • with techniques of trompe-l’œil, perspectives, colour, light and shade, etc.
  • Life models are available for artistic anatomy, sculpture, etc.
  • The students carry out documentary and historical research, produce designs, and learn the process of creation, producing monumental illustrations, computer graphics and more, etc.
  • Site logistics and management, safety on sites, wall preparation, masking techniques, producing paintings, technical studies of media and materials, etc.
  • Consultation and participation processes, knowledge of institutions, regulations, environment and lighting, etc.
  • Financial engineering of projects, negotiations, contracts, conventions, taxation and management, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, communication, press relations, innovation, export, international development and English, etc.

Exigency is the dominant factor in every discipline and is ensured by regular exercises and tests with grades.

The teaching team is composed of the best specialists living on the fruit of their work and ready to transmit their knowledge.

A fresco painters school and an enterprise

ECohlCité is the first school in the world dedicated to higher education in monumental frescos, architectural trompe-l’œil, and urban decoration and design.
Its instigators are CitéCréation, world leader in mural painting, and the prestigious Emile Cohl drawing school.

  • Widely reputed, the Émile Cohl Drawing School (a private establishment recognised by the State) provides courses in drawing, computer graphics, multimedia, animated cartoons, video games, strip cartoons and graphics. In just 30 years it has trained more than 2,000 professionals in drawn images recognised by the largest publishing houses, and video game and cartoon producers.
  • Founded in 1978 in Greater Lyon, enterprise CitéCréation is now the world’s leading enterprise in mural painting, with 590 monumental mural paintings in 24 different countries to its credit. The enterprise has five subsidiaries and agencies in Quebec, Berlin, Moscow, Jerusalem and Shanghai, and it currently has a team of 80 mural painters working internationally.